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Jacknsee is an educational network security tool. Its purpose is to teach students in computer science how basic hijacking techniques are used to corrupt a network. Two scenarios have been implemented: Man in the Middle and Denial of Service.


This project has been started in october 2009, the release 'jacknsee 1.1' is now available on sourceforge with a Live CD environment.

We have coded in jacknsee 1.0 the following functionalities:

The jacknsee 1.1 version (Giant Crane Lily) provides :

Here's a screencast demo of the first scenario : Man in the middle (using arp cache poisoning).

Jacknsee demo

The wiki

You can find help on the wiki page to install the software or to get to know how to join the team.

Download jacknsee

You can download source files and a Live CD of Jacknsee on sourceforge.net.


Jacknsee is distributed under the GNU public license.
Copyright © 2010 Dimitry Ernot & Laurent Sebag
Copyright © 2011 Rémi Felix